Pros & Cons Using Temporary Email

Pros & Cons Using Temporary Email
Published in : 29 Mar 2022

Pros & Cons Using Temporary Email

The following is a list of advantages and disadvantages of temporary email that might be the reason you want or don't want to use temporary email.


The advantages of temporary email can be a reason for you to use it, and here are the advantages:

1. No Registration Required

The first advantage is that there is no need for registration. You don't register or fill out a form to get an email at a temporary email service. Everything is anonymous, instant and ready for you to use.

2. Anti Spam

There are more than 50 billion spam sent every day. Temporary email helps you to fight spam by deleting the emails you receive every time.

3. Stay Safe

You may have accidentally logged on to an unsafe website, such as a phishing website. By using a temporary email, you don't have to worry about your main data or email being stolen. Because temporary emails will automatically expire in a few hours.

4. Free

Yep, the temporary mail service is free. Even on foreign sites, there are tariffs for the pro edition, at it's 100% free. You can create a temporary email at any time, and there is no limit to the number of emails you can create.

5. Anonim

By using a temporary email service, you don't have to enter your personal details into every website that requires a valid email address for registration. Especially if you want to enter internet forums, being anonymous makes you more free. But being free doesn't mean you can break the rules.


1. Banned on Multiple Sites

Temporary email addresses tend to have a bad reputation on various sites. So when we register on a site, your temporary email address is read as invalid by the website.

There are various reasons, one of which is that a company will not be able to sell or offer a product to you if you use a temporary email. So there's no point in them emailing you if you're not interested. Therefore, most of the site's admins add the domain address of the temporary email that you use in the blacklist.

2. Active Period

Due to the short lifespan of temporary emails, this can be a boomerang for users. For example, when we forget the password for the account we are using and the temporary email address has expired, it is impossible to reset the password.

Another thing that can be considered is that all email messages that enter the inbox of the temporary email service will be lost, so when your temporary address has expired, the information in it will also be lost.

3. Potentially Guessable

The temporary mail service does not use passwords. The reason is because it keeps the user anonymous.

Other people can enter your email address if your temporary address is easy to guess. But most of the users don't care about this. After all, the name is also temporary email, the validity period is only temporary.

Therefore, you have to keep your temporary email until the expiration date, it's easy. Use an email address that is not easy to guess. For example [email protected] . The chances that someone else will enter the address are very small.


Hopefully it can give you a reason to use temporary email, and please use it wisely. Thank you for your time, and keep your inbox clean with