How to Use Temporary Email from

How to Use Temporary Email from
Published in : 29 Mar 2022

How to Use Temporary Email from provides a temporary email address for you with a secure, anonymous, free and of course one-time use guarantee. By using this temporary mail, you will avoid spam, bots, hacking and advertising messages.

Step 1: Create a Temporary Email Address

There are many sites that provide temporary email services, and one of them is To create a temporary email address from, please follow these steps.

1. Please open the browser on your laptop or smartphone.

2. After the browser is open, please open the site.

3. At the initial display of, an email address will appear that you can use immediately, so you don't need to create it again.

4. However, if you want to make the address according to your wishes, please click Change.

5. Fill in the email name you want in the email field and then click Change Email.

6. Then a new email will appear and you are ready to use.

7. Click Delete if you want to delete your email address.

Step 2: Use Your Temporary Address

Once you have a new email address, you are ready to use it.

The method is the same as using an email address in general, please open a site that requires an email during registration.

Finally, please use the Inbox feature on the website to verify. If the email doesn't appear, please do a Refresh on the page. 

How Long is Temporary Email from Active?

Temporary emails from last for 2 days, in comparrison to other sites which only last 10 minutes to 2 hours. With this 2 day validity period, you have enough time to register and use your email until the service period that uses your temporary email expires.


Hopefully can help you in finding a temporary email address that is safe, practical and of course free. Thank you for your time, and don't forget to keep your inbox clean of junk email with!