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How to find sni bug host for Tanzania ???

asked Jun 2 in VPNSplit by anonymous
I need a host for Tanzania for these networks, Vodacom, tigo, Airtel and halotel even zantel

1 Answer

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answered Jun 14 by vba (16,750 points)
you should find by yourself start from any free sites provided by your ISP
commented Jun 25 by Instagramer
Hey, I was curious, i found alot of those free sites. What are the specific info I should observe when i test them. Someone told me the Server must be :Cloudflare only for it to work and not Apache or otherwise. And also should the status code be (200 O.K) Or (302 found) or both (200, 302).
commented Jul 24 by Salum Khan
Hey bro did u get how to find bughost for Tanzania
commented Jul 24 by Salum Khan
Like which kind ofof free site give an example and isp meaning?

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