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Why is South Africa blocked on and ?

asked May 20 in FastSSH by vba (16,750 points)
edited May 22 by vba

I am posting here because many people are asking the reason 

A few months ago, many people from South Africa were led by someone called "KayGee" who was spamming our telegram channel, abusing servers, and many SA telegram channel sharing accounts from our website that violate the rule: "Do not share account" (we had warned before to stop but they ignored it), it caused lots of server downs and lags.

After we blocked SA from our website and servers, the server got a lot better. Also, We've stopped supporting any tricks for SA including SNI Finder, Servers, New Protocols, Applications, and upcoming products

Please check the conversation on telegram about spamming issues:

PS: We've removed spam messages on TG so you might not find all abuses message from South African

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answered May 20 by vba (16,750 points)


commented Jun 4 by KxD
It's really unfortunate for us whom were not involved in this... but I guess you did what you had too
commented Jun 16 by sadWithoutInternet
That is unfortunate for the rest of us could the user not be blocked before that encounter by the admin? and i general spammers are just irritations, youre letting a whole country suffer because of one douche
commented Sep 9 by Abel
Please reconsider don't let us suffer is there any other solution to this problem.
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answered Oct 2 by John
Can we work together once again guys

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